Infant Massage & Dads (and other family members!)

Infant massage is often seen as a ‘mother and baby’ activity ,but this is certainly not the case. Dads and other members of the family should be encouraged to also learn the routines.

During the first few months dads and other family members can often feel a bit left out of caring for the new infant, as the baby depends so much on mum. Infant massage classes are open to dads (and other family members – although no more than two grow-ups at a time!) and is also great to learn together as a couple. It will help dad to feel included and build confidence for the two of you in handling and caring for your child.

At home you can use the infant massage to help older children feel included in the care of their new brother or sister (they must be observed with the baby at all times) by showing them some of the simple moves they can too can build a bond with their new sibling and may often want the techniques to be used on them too – helping them to feel just as loved as the new addition.

Massage is a great way for the whole family to feel included and to build a relationship with the child, whilst also being of great benefit for the infant too!

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