Reflexology and Constipation

Constipation can be caused by a number of things including stress and a lack of water intake.  Reflexology may be able to help get things moving again as it can aid the peristaltic movement in the colon and intestines which improves the process of digestion and normalise the bowel movements.

Reflexology works with the nervous, digestive and lymphatic systems of the body and with regular treatments it may help wastes and toxins be  eliminated regularly. The treatments also helps the client to relax which in itself can often ease the effects of feeling sluggish during bouts of constipation.

Reflexology may be able to help those with digestive problems such as constipation and IBS by eliminating wastes and toxins regularly,  reducing tensions and stress in the central nervous system, improving circulatory functions and thereby enhancing  nutrient absorption.

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