Reflexology and Digestion

Reflexology and Digestion

Digestive problems can range from constipation and diarrhea to Irritable Bowl Syndrome, digestive problems are common but are can have an effect on the whole body, especially as the system itself plays a vital and complex role in the working of our body. It uses many different systems of the body including the nervous and endocrine system.

Reflexology may be able to help with problems within the digestive system by helping to increase blood flow to the vital digestive organs,  it can also aid the peristaltic movement in the colon and intestines which improves the process of digestion and the bowel and its movements.

Reflexology works with the nervous, digestive and lymphatic systems of the body and with regular treatments it may help wastes and toxins be  eliminated regularly. The treatments also helps the client to relax which in itself can often ease the effects of digestive problems.

Reflexology may be able to help those with digestive problems by eliminating wastes and toxins regularly,  reducing tensions and stress in the central nervous system, improving circulatory functions and thereby enhancing  nutrient absorption.

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