Reflexology and Eating Disorders

Complementary therapies are now being recognised as a valuable therapy for many different health problems.

One such condition,  eating disorders, can have a combination of psychological, emotional and physical factors and symptoms. The complex way that these are often linked means that complementary therapies may be able to help due to their holistic nature.

Reflexology treats the entire foot and therefore the entire body which means that all the bodily systems may benefit and often psychological and emotional relaxation is also reported. These effects can be particularly useful for those suffering from eating disorders as any recovery needs to take place in the body and the mind.

Reflexology can also focus on specific areas of the body, which means the treatment can be tailored to the individual,  their symptoms and any health complaints. Reflexology may be useful for those suffering from anxiety, stress and depression while also helping those with hormone imbalances in their menstrual cycle and infertility.  Both of which are a common side effect of eating disorders.

Any complementary therapy should be used along side conventional medicine but they may be of use to support sufferers of eating disorders.  Complementary therapies such a reflexology can not cure or treat eating disorders they do hold significant value when used along side counselling and monitored weight gain.

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