Reflexology and IVF

Reflexology and IVF

Reflexology can be used at any stage of the IVF process as a complementary therapy. It may help with follicle stimulation, or even lessening any side effects of the treatment and reducing the stress surrounding undergoing IVF.

Reflexology can be used before undergoing IVF and may be able to help prepare the body for the process you are about to undertake. During IVF treatments will be altered slightly, to help work with the IVF and support the body as it adapts to the changes and side effects IVF can bring.

Many women who have undergone IVF and used Reflexology as a complementary therapy have noted an above average follicle production and many studies into the use of Reflxology along side IVF have supported this.

If you wish to use Reflexology along side IVF treatments it is important to inform your reflexologist of your progress with IVF and any changes. Your reflexologist should always ask before any sessions, but you should mention anything that you think is relevant to the treatment!

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