Reflexology and Depression

Reflexology and Depression

Depression is a growing problem in the UK and more and more people are being prescribed drugs to help them combat their problems.

Depression affects the person as a whole, interfering with sleep, appetite, hormone levels, the ability to think clearly and rationally and can have a knock on effect to peoples marriages, relationships, careers and social lives. Depression can often be brought on by a life changing event (bereavement, job loss, marriage breakdown) for others it is something they have battled with for a long time.

Reflexology can help to rebalance hormone imbalances that can often be the main cause of depression. It can also help to restore normal sleep patterns and reduce stress and anxiety - all without the need for prescription drugs (and their side effects!); it also does not have the ‘dependency’ risk that most prescription drugs do.

Reflexology is naturally a relaxing and de-stressing treatment, treating the person as a whole. Your Reflexologist can also talk through positive thinking and relaxation techniques to aid sleep and reduce the feeling of stress during the day. Your reflexologist can also teach you techniques for when you are at home- which can be a ‘top up’ in between your regular, complete treatment.

If you suffer from depression prescription medication is not the only answer, consider an alternative therapy, like Reflexology, and see how it can help you. Reflexology can also be used along side your prescription medication – but it is best to discuss this with your GP if you want to explore this option.

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