Reflexology and Diabetes

Reflexology and Diabetes

Reflexology can be used to help those with diabetes, while Diabetes is not a curable condition it is manageable and that is what Reflexology aims to do by:

-         Stimulating the Pancreas and Liver to help maintain blood sugar levels

-         Reduce blood sugar fluctuations

-         Minimise complications

-         Reduce stress and tension which can often aggravate diabetes.

For anyone undergoing reflexology treatments for diabetes (or if you have diabetes but are having reflexology for another reason)  it is important to keep an eye on your glucose levels before and after a treatment, making sure you have something to boost your blood sugar should you need it. Your and your Reflexologist should also be working along side your GP/health practitioner, informing them that your are having treatments and letting them know of any changes you experience.

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