Reflexology and Pregnancy

Reflexology and Pregnancy

Regular reflecology treatments during pregnancy can help to reduce the affects of a wide range of common complaints such as morning sickness, back ache, fluid retention and swelling.

It can also help to prepare the body for labour, with research showing that pregnant ladies who have reflexology often have shorter labours (please see the section of Reflexology and Labour for further information).

During the first three months of pregnancy many women worry about the risks of miscarriage and so for this reason it best to discuss with your reflexologist and/or GP/midwife if Reflexology is for you during these months. Reflexology aims to bring about harmony in the body but it would be very easy for a mum to be to feel that a Reflexology treatment may have contributed to any complications during these early months. For this reason many Reflexologists will recommend coming back for treatments once the 12 week period has passed.

Using Reflexology during pregnancy is also a great way of feeling your baby grow and develop. As the feet correspond to all parts of the body, in the early stages of pregnancy this can be felt under the skin by the Reflexologist. Then as the pregnancy develops you may notice a  growing bump on the inner part of your foot, by the heel. This is likely to be larger on one side than the other (depending on which foot displays the larger bump is said to also correspond to the sex of the baby!) .

Reflexology can also be used Post-natally and can encourage a quicker recovery from labour, lessen the likelihood of Post-natal depression and also support you as your menstrual cycle returns to normal.

Overall Reflexology is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment offering your body much needed support during a time that can be both exciting and also very stressful!

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