Reflexology for Pregnant Women

Maternity Reflexology

Pregnancy is a time where major physiological and psychological changes occur in a woman’s body over a relatively short period of time. As woman’s skeleton, hormones and muscles will have to make constant adjustments as the baby grows. Maternity reflexology is a branch of reflexology aimed at women at all stages of conception and pregnancy through to labour and the post natal period.

Maternity Reflexology is effective at easing the common problems associated with pregnancy such as morning sickness, sciatica, leg pain, anxiety, mood swings, constipation, fluid retention, haemorrhoids, heart burn and general discomfort. It is a non-invasive treatment for dealing with the minor ailments that women experience during pregnancy.

Many women will worry about the safety of maternity reflexology but the sense of well-being it provides and the alleviation of discomfort it provides is proof of the positive experience it can be.  Pregnancy is not an illness, it is a natural function and the only caution a reflexologist would advise is during the first trimester if the woman has a history of miscarriage. If however, the woman is in any doubt I would always advise that they speak to their GP/midwife.

Research has also shown that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can shorten the duration of labour and often reduce the need for pain-relief. Please see my section on pregnancy and labour for more information on this.

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