Reflexology for Sinus Pain

Reflexlogy and Sinus Problems

Being in stuffy rooms, changes in atmosphere, stress, allergies or a general cold can bring on problems with your sinuses, sinusitus can also develop which is a recurrent attack of blocked sinuses.

Sinus problems take the form of pain around the eyes, nose and forehead which can result in difficulty breathing and can cause headaches, dizziness  and sneezing . Other common complaints linked to sinus problems include feeling tired and irritable along with a dry mouth and sore throat.

How can Reflexology help?

As Reflexology helps you to relax, the facial muscels often do the same, relieving the tense feeling that can occur around the sinus areas. Reflexology also helps to stimulate the respiritory system so that you can breath more easily. By working the feet in the areas that correspond to the lungs, the sinuses and the head this can often help to aleviate the symptoms.

Many people who have experienced sinus problems find Reflexology very beneficial and feel an easing in the area after a couple of treatments. If you experience sinusitus it is recommended to have Reflexology frequently to not only clear the sinus area but also prevent the problem from reoccuring.

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