Reflexology For Sleep

Reflexology For Sleep

Reflexology helps with sleep problems and insomnia purely by helping the body and mind to relax and switch off. Problems with sleep can occur due to stress from everyday life, jetlag, shift work or a shift in hormone balance but most commonly anxiety will be the underlying cause.

Scientific studies have supported the use of Reflexology to aid sleep, with one study in particular showing that Reflexology not only helped sleep but also showed that those who received treatments had a better appetite and recovered quicker from fatigue.

A reflexology session can be based on relaxing movements and can focus working the parts of the feet that relate to the parts of the body that aid sleep, such as the pituitary gland which releases hormones that make us sleepy. Many people will find that they will fall asleep during a treatment of this sort or will often want to go to bed as soon as they get home!

A reflexologist can also work with you to find relaxation exercises that can be done before bed to help people get off to sleep and rid their mind of the day to day activities and stresses.

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