Reflexology For Stress

Reflexology for  Stress

Reflexology is well known for helping reduce stress, and in turn stress related illness.

Reflexology by it’s very nature is a very relaxing treatment, with sessions taking place in a calm, relaxing environment. Reflexology uses firm pressure (not painful, not ticklish) and so allows the client to relax and enjoy a pampering treatment that is also well known for it’s health benefits.

Clients often find they fall asleep, or fall into a deeply relaxed state. This time that they give themselves to unwind is often crucial to helping the body to de-stress while the treatment can also focus on specific areas of the body that are out of balance, often as a result of the stress being experienced.

Often stress can cause disturbed sleep, headaches, digestive problems, loss of appetite, anxiety problems and often a irregular menstrual cycle, by reducing the feelings of stress reflexology may be able to lessen the impact on other areas and systems of the body in turn rebalancing hormones, aiding sleep, reducing headaches and helping the body to function as it should.

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