Reflexology and Infertility

Reflexology and Infertility

Reflexology is well known for helping with infertility as it can be used to  help restore the natural rhythm of the menstraul cycle therefore increasing the chances of conceiving. Reflexology can also help for ovarian cysts,with them often disappearing and discomfort subsiding within a few weeks of starting treatments.

Many women find the stress of trying to conceive difficult and reflexology can help to relax and calm the person and this in itself can often be enough.

Female Reproductive Disorders Helped by Reflexology.

The reproductive system depends on a range of hormones working together,  and is a system which depends on a fine balance and can be easily disturbed. For example, Ovarian cysts and poly cystic ovaries are usually caused by hormone dysfunctions.

Stress can also cause a disruption in the menstrual cycle and can often make conceiving more difficult, often a vicious circle occurs when it becomes difficult to tell if the stress is caused by or is causing the problems conceiving.

When ovulation occurs many women can experience ovulation pain, and interestingly reflexology can pick up on this sensitivity in the ovary (as it can with other parts of the body that are inflamed, congested or tense). If ovulation is occurring from the right ovary pain will be felt in the corresponding areas of the foot, the same applies for the left ovary.

Reflexology has become well known for helping with conception and other menstrual cycle issues, such as menstrual pain and menopause (see Reflexology and Menstrual pain and Reflexology and Menopause for further information).

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