I went to Ceri as both my mum and sister were having treatments with her. I work in the aerospace industry and found that I would often be working in cramped conditions that would result in upper back and neck pain. Ceri gave helpful advice about my posture and also exercises I could do to relieve the pain. I found the treatments really helped and along with the changes I made to my posture after four treatments my back pain eased considerably. We also discussed my diet and overall health and I felt a huge improvement in my sense of well-being. I found Ceri to be friendly and very helpful with advice and tips to improve my health. I still have regular treatments to keep my back pain from re-occurring and also because I just like the treatments.


 I had been suffering from tension headaches for a number of months and wanted to find a way to alleviate the pain without taking paracetamol as I was concerned about the long term affects they might be having. My hairdresser, who has had treatments in the past, recommended reflexology for its holistic benefits and gave me Ceri’s number. So far I’ve had four sessions with Ceri in her private treatment room. The atmosphere and overall feel was completely relaxed and calm and I instantly felt at ease with her. I was really impressed by the initial consultation Ceri gave as she spent time assessing how she would go about treating me and after the treatment discussed if I had experienced any unusual sensations or discomfort. Since the beginning of my treatments I have felt a significant change in the way I feel which is fantastic.  On the day of my first appointment I had a terrible headache but just an hour later I was totally relaxed. Ceri was marvellous, making sure throughout the treatment that I was comfortable. She varied her technique and whilst working the whole foot also concentrated on the problem areas she had identified during the first consultation.I would recommend Ceri to anyone even if just to pamper and indulge yourself, the experience is absolute bliss! 


I found out about Ceri from a leaflet I saw in a local café and was interested to find out what reflexology was. In my first session we discussed what I wanted from a treatment and about my current and past health problems. I have a rather stressful job that often involves working late and at weekends. When I am at home I find it very hard to wind down and often don’t get a good nights sleep. When I mentioned this to Ceri she suggested some relaxation techniques I could use when I’m finding it hard to sleep. I’ve never had to use them though as after the first session I found I was so relaxed I could barely keep my eyes open for the rest of the evening! My treatments are my ‘me’ time for the week and I enjoy them so much! I can either talk during the session or just close my eyes and relax; Ceri just goes with whatever I feel like on the day. I’ve recommended her to friends and  work colleagues, all of whom have been just as impressed with her as I have -  I would certainly recommend giving it a go!

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